A message channelled from The Unicorn Kingdom 08.03.10

Your sole responsibility and commitment is to yourself. Your own Soul Growth. Everyone is expected to rely on themselves.

You have a truly remarkable Soul which interacts with many but ultimately it is You to whom You must respond. You are filled with Divine Knowledge and Wisdom and can reach Source energy for yourselves.

You can commit others to a new pathway. You can help others. You can be caring of others but ultimately it is You to whom You must return.

Your Higher Consciousness is a Seed of Source Energy. It is a part of the whole Divine Plan of Growth.

Acceleration is now taking place on the Earth Plane. Acceleration of the Soul's commitment to Love from Oneness. This means that a greater yearning is felt to reconnect to the Source from which you come.

New opportunities & openings are coming for many to expand their Oneness. New groups are forming. New ideas are beginning to unfold. New shape is coming to the collective.

We have a new doorway opening from our Kingdom to yours through which many Souls will be able to access Divine Intelligence and accelerate their growth. We desire to help and assist humanity at this time. We pledge to accompany you on your mission. All we ask in return is that you follow the light which we bring.

God Bless
(I received this message from a lady Unicorn)