Unicorn Healing

I am a Unicorn Healing Practitioner certified via the Unicorn Centre, Somerset

Healing with the Unicorn Energy means connecting to the very High Vibrational Energies of the Unicorns which are all 7th Dimensional and above.
The Unicorns are from Lakuma which is a moon orbiting Sirius. They have a spiral of dazzling white light from their fully awakened 3rd eye chakras which is sometimes depicted as a horn.

Unicorns are Ascended horses and have the equivalent energies and light levels of our Ascended Masters although they have chosen to evolve through the horse kingdom instead of the human kingdom.

These wonderful beings can dramatically affect your life. By invoking their light and assistance we enable them to connect with us and heal us on a Soul level.

Their High Vibrational energy comes to clear us of lower vibrations and align us to a state of connectedness and Source energy again, bringing us back into balance.

They can open up your mind and your life to the Higher Purpose of your being here.

The Unicorns bring special waves of Ascension energy from their dimension(s) to heal and connect you more to the light and ease your pain.

They often work in groups and they will often appear in a circle giving a combined concentration of energy to the person I am healing with me as the conduit.

Unicorn Healing can very easily be transmitted as well as given hands-on as I can link with you over any distance. This Healing is offered Worldwide. Location is immaterial as it is your energy field and Spiritual self / Soul I will be working with.

For distant Healing sessions we schedule a convenient time where I ask you to sit quietly and receive the transmissions from me as I channel the light and Healing from the Unicorns through to you. It helps to raise the energy of the space if you can also light a candle and just quietly ask for your Guardian Angel to join you and help you to absorb the rays of light. This energy floods through into your aura, releasing old thought forms and patterns , balancing and clearing all your chakras and can also release karma. Often it takes a recipient of Unicorn Healing several days for all the energy received to be absorbed fully and so the light sent stays in your aura and is gradually filtered down through your chakra system to where it is most needed. This means that the changes happen for you at a comfortable pace. Unicorn Healing also helps you to build your Light Body.

Afterwards I email you the messages and impressions I receive for you along with any ongoing guidance from the Unicorn Kingdom.

Each session lasts for one hour. Cost is 65.