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Reiki Healing

Reiki Angels and Masters join me as I intuitively heal by lifting your vibrational field to a higher level.

Pulsating light can sometimes be felt as I connect to the Higher frequencies and channel the Healing energy into any depleted areas of your chakra centres aligning your chakras and also clearing them. This aligns you and connects you more to the light and your own guides and inner guidance.

Healing can open you up more to connecting with Spirit yourself as well as healing any discomfort or dis-ease you may be experiencing. Sometimes during the course of a Healing some lower energies which are blocking you may be released from your system. These may be lower frequency old emotional pains, attatchments and even fragments of Past Life issues and Karmas brought forwards into this present incarnation for the purpose of working on and clearing decided by your Soul at a higher level.

These Healings can release general imbalances on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

Light flows through your system more easily during and after a healing session and you feel generally more relaxed with a sense of peace, calm and well being.

Your Soul often requires that you learn certain lessons before Karma is released, however, when in a state of Healing the vibrations are lifted and things can be seen and more fully understood from a point of Higher Consciousness. When a certain level of realization occurs then the karma(s) can be transmuted.

An on-going course of treatment gives an even greater benefit as the energies build up allowing more Healing to take place.

Each session lasts one hour. Cost is 65. For courses of 6 treatments a special discount of 10% discount applies if paid in full in advance.