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Reiki Attunement Days

Reiki Attunements to Levels One, Two, and the Master's Degree Level are done by me on a one to one basis at my home in Broadwater, Worthing, West Sussex ensuring we have plenty of time to fully cover all aspects of this Healing Modality and practise making the connection as well as attuning you to the energy with the traditional Reiki Symbols.

During the morning we spend time clearing your energy field using Healing, Guided Meditation and Angel therapies appropriate for you personally.

Lunch is included.

In the afternoon I will attune you and also give you any guidance / messages for you personally from the Higher Beings of Light and the Angelic Realms.

You will receive a manual on completion and a Certificate with your name on it stating you are attuned to Reiki Practitioner Level One, Two or Master Degree.

Should you already hold a certificate for Reiki and wish to be attuned to the next level up I am happy to do so.

Please bear in mind that there is a period of energetic adjustment required after you are attuned to these High Energy Symbols which then hold the light in your energy field. Therefore, we can only attune you to one Reiki Degree Level at a time. It is necessary to allow your energy field to settle as the new energies are absorbed and integrated. Some time is required for you to work with each new level before you are attuned up to the next higher level.

Reiki Attunement Level One 160.
Reiki Attunement Level Two 180.
Master's Degree is 280.
Date(s) arranged by appointment.
11am to 4pm.


Reiki Attunement