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Very relaxing foot massage and overall pressure pointing across the many specific zones of the feet relating to and connected with the various organs and systems of the entire body.

This process releases blocked energies and accumulated toxins in the body working in a very similar way to Acupuncture but, hey presto, no needles!

The pressure pointing works along the length of the body's meridian lines clearing stagnant energies and freeing the body's energy pathways to increase the healthy flow of energy so that the body is more able to restore it's good health.

This therapy is good for people who are feeling generally sluggish, run down, low energy, below par and with either chronic or acute conditions.

Usually a course of this treatment works best allowing the body to clear itself thoroughly and restore harmony and balance naturally.

Treatments last approx 45 mins and cost 45.00.


Appointments are bookable in advance. Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time for your therapy.