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Past Life Regression

By guiding you into a very relaxed, deeply peaceful, state of mind I can help you to enhance the flow of unconscious memories from your deeper levels of your mind up into the conscious level. Here your past life memories can surface. We can preset the instructions given to you at the beginning of this procedure to predetermine what type of past life experience your mind shall upload (e.g 'positive ) from amongst your past life memories so that you need not leave it to random choice .... unless, of course, you wish to do so.

Hypnosis is used - in a very light trance state where you become fully relaxed but remain completely conscious at all times of who you are, where you are and what you are doing during and after the session.

This therapy is completely secure, tried and tested and with over 20 years experience I have found that many people have really benefited from their past life experiences which they have had. Some people find Karmic releases are possible during this process as feelings are released as certain situations become understood as they see where the root issue(s) lie. Other people find a greater sense of themselves and a greater knowing within themselves after experiencing regression. It is interesting to see who you were and what you did.

As a therapeutic tool to release phobias and emotional issues and relationship problems and old patterns it also proves valuable.

Each session lasts for an hour
to an hour and a quarter.
Cost is 107.