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Past Life Readings

I can read The Akashic Records ( the records of your soul's journey ) and give you pertinent information to assist & clarify - giving you more awakening and awareness of why you are here and what you have to do in order to free yourself & let go of limitations during the course of this lifetime.

I am able to shed light on certain situations and people in your present life. Telling you how they came to be connected with you in the present set of circumstances.

Your journey is long and involved. There are many Soul patterns and karmic relationships to work through as you lift your vibration and begin to understand the true meaning of wholeness and connectedness to Source.

You have only to understand in order to free yourself and let go of the burdens, specifically reoccurring karma which may have followed you through several lifetimes, each time giving you the chance to assist yourself in clearing the aspect which is under review.

There is a section or portion of the Karmic Board set up specifically in this time to enable those who would undergo further initiation into the light to free themselves, where possible, by asking for Divine Dispensation under The Law of Grace. We can make application during the course of your reading.

Each Reading lasts around an hour. Readings are available either in person, by email, telephone or Skype. Cost is 77 for a full session or 40 for a tester session (of half an hour). I am based in Worthing, West Sussex, England.

Past Life Reading