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Lemurian Healing

The Lemurian period on Earth took place before the Atlantean period. It was different in the sense that there was more of an awareness of the inter-connectedness of everything and everyone. The Lemurians were more connected to Source. The Lemurians were not fully physicalised in the true sense as we are today and were ethereal beings. They worked together in harmony and in large groups where the highest good was sought for all.

Lemurian energy still exists on the planet today and is being held in certain cultures and energy gridworks around the planet. There is a time of awakening coming where more of this energy is coming into play. This is why people are becoming interested in exploring Lemurian energies, ideas and values.

The Lemurians loved Mother Earth and were extremely respectful of her divine right to be here as well as their own. They held ceremonies to worship Nature. They were characterised by their love of Nature. Those Lemurians who are currently in incarnation today love being out in Nature.

Lemurian crystals were created and placed within the Earth by the Lemurians who forsaw that there would be a period of crisis for Mother Earth in the future. That time is now. The crystals all hold certain energies which when activated call in and enhance the flow of old purification energies etc from their epoch.

Lemurian energy is extremely powerful and that is why it is recommended this only be invoked by groups of 2 or more people working together. To work as a group like the Lemurians means connecting spiritually on a very deep level. This is what happens when this type of healing is invoked. All of the participants energy centres become fused for a short period of time. It feels like they are 'locked' together and held in a powerful beam of white light. This creates a large portal of light through which this healing energy can be channelled. Groups of Lemurian spirits, normally in 12's, arrive to connect with the healers and bring the energy through.

Lemurian Healing Sessions last for one hour, this includes some spiritual preparation work before the healing. Each session is tailor made to the individual which means the preparation work will differ depending on what each client needs personally. I teach about the Lemurians and how to invoke and work with this energy. Also, if appropriate, I can give an indepth Akashic records reading of any past lives in Lemuria which you may have had on your Soul's journey. I am a qualified Lemurian Healing Teacher with the Diana Cooper School.
Sessions are 65.