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Jacqueline has studied Crystals and been an avid Crystal enthusiast for over 30 years. She has also completed a years indepth training with the Crystal Therapy Council.

She has a very large beautiful collection of 1000's of big and small Crystals in her Healing Sanctuary.

These amazing Crystals are also brought into the Healing treatments she offers as well as forming Crystal Grids in the rooms of her home.

The Crystals work on many different levels to balance us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and help to heal us physically.

They can rapidly transform the energy within and around us.

Crystals are fantastic Energy Healing tools completely natural and without side effects.

During a Crystal Healing Treatment you will be given a complete and thorough Aura Cleanse. This helps by release old energies which may be stagnating or causing dis-ease or holding you back.

Your Aura will become more balanced and your chakras aligned as you are taken into a peaceful and tranquil space.

Advice on which Crystals would be beneficial for you to use on your own personal journey will also be given.

Healing treatments can be one off to relax you and adjust or clear something in your energy field or a series of harmonising treatments over a longer period of time depending on your needs and requirements.

Sessions are at Jacqueline's home in Lavington Road, Worthing by appointment.

Session duration times are 1 hour or 90 mins.

To book please use paypal or if you prefer to pay cash or cheque please email me through the contact page on this website.

All bookings via paypal will be responded to and a selection of appointment times offered for you to choose from within 24 hours.

One hour Crystal Healing Session is 65.00 One and a Half Hour Crystal Healing Session is 90

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Distance Crystal Healing Sessions can be arranged. This works in exactly the same way as Distant Healing.

We can speak on the phone or via Skype just before your session begins and again afterwards to discuss any issues which may have arisen and to give you information I received for you during the Healing.