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Angel Readings

Here is a message from Tina who is an Angel who works on the ray of Archangel Chammuel. This is the pink ray of love and relates to the heart chakra. I often see her appear with her lovely golden hair and luminescent white robe and her white wings are tipped with a myriad of different shades of pink from the lightest palest shade to the most beautiful cerise. She says:

" We ( angels ) assist you by bringing forwards thoughts from our dimension. Giving you clarity on your heart's desire culminating in healing.

We can help give you strength and lift you from what may be troubling you. We can encourage you to find your true being, your inner self, self love, freedom and contentment "

Each Reading lasts around an hour. Readings are available either in person, by email, telephone or Skype. Cost is 65 for a full session or 40 for a tester session (of half an hour). I am based in Worthing, West Sussex, England.


Angel Readings