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Angel Healing

Angelic Healing is connecting to the beautiful Higher Energies of the Angelic Realms and channelling them through to us for healing on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. The Angel's energies are very loving and as love is a pure high frequency their energy heals and helps you to release lower energies which cause dis-ease on any level.

The Angels are much higher beings of light than humans and live in a much higher frequency band of light & energy. Angels are messengers of God or Source. They have been specifically asked to help us here on Earth. There are many different kinds of Angels specialising in all areas. For example; Archangel Michael on the blue ray helps with protection and shields us from harm, Archangel Gabriel on the white ray brings us purification & clarity, Archangel Chamuel on the pink ray helps us to heal our heart and bring more love into our lives and Archangel Jophiel on the yellow ray brings us wisdom and helps us to heal and balance our mind.

Angels can always hear and see you regardless of whether you are able to see them so please rest assured that your Angels can respond to your prayers and requests for help even if you are not immediately aware of their response they will be working on your behalf to help you. As you continue to work with the Angels your own energy (aura) is gradually made clearer and you will then become more easily able to receive their messages.

During an Angelic Healing session many Angels join us and work together as a team specifically concentrating on the areas which are imbalanced or out of harmony within you. During a healing you may see or feel them as the energy they bring lifts your own energy into a higher vibration. Each chakra is worked on individually from your Crown to your Base. As you change your energy you change your life.

Often the Angels will give me messages for the person receiving the Angel healing, along with their advice and usually suggest which Angels, Archangels or Powers are best suited for you to call upon for their ongoing help and assistance.

Angel Healing can very easily be transmitted as well as given hands-on as I can link with you over any distance. Location is immaterial as it is your energy field and Spiritual self/Soul I am working with. For distant sessions we schedule a convenient time where I ask you to sit quietly and receive the transmissions from me. I email you the messages I receive for you from the Angels and any other impressions after the session.

Sessions are 65.00 each and this includes your Angelic Healing with Clairvoyant messages as given to me by the Angels during your Healing.