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I'm Jacqueline and I've been listening to the Spirit world around me and seeing and feeling energies since I was a very small (pre-school) child. My main interests now are clairvoyance, healing, channelling and working with the Angels and Ascended Masters.

Over 25 years ago I first trained as a Hypnotherapist because I was fascinated by the whole subject of past lives and reincarnation and interested in healing issues bought fowards from other lives into this present life.

As a young child I already knew about past lives and had conversations with my guide, Running Bull, about previous lives of my own and I also remembered some of them.

For many years I enjoyed regressing 100's of people using hypnotherapy and it proved very therapeutic although now I much prefer to read the lives clairvoyantly in depth with my guidance and assist the healing process energetically.

My training also includes Aromatherapy massage I.T.E.C/I.F.A , Reflexology M.A.R and I am a qualified N.F.S.H healer and a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master so I can give attunements and certification to those wishing to become healers themselves or take their healing up to the next level.

I am a qualified Teacher of Angels, Ascension and 2012 & beyond with the Diana Cooper School. I am a qualified Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue. I am also an Awaken Your Lightbody graduate with Sanaya Roman. I have over 20 years experience in giving spiritual readings and healing.

I began my lovely journey of working with the Angels in my early 20's when, amongst other beings of light, I first channelled my Guardian Angel.

Since then I have developed my connection with the Angelic Realms and bring through their love and light blessings in all of the work I do.

Private healing sessions with me can be arranged and also Spiritual readings where I can connect for you and bring through information about your own guides and Angels and past lives and as I see the auric field and colours surrounding people usually some information about that too.